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(You may be thinking: “She is getting lazy with two ‘Argus’ posts in a row.”  Yes, I am, but I couldn’t resist!) From the Argus, March 21, 1888, p. 129: Stormlets. The novelty of a chapel cut was appreciated by the score of men who had courage enough to wade and roll up to the […]

Some selections from the January 21, 1879 edition of the Argus: Quite a number of student staid here during vacation. With skating, calling, etc., the time passed rapidly away. Judging by the number of New Year’s calls some claim to have made, the city must be larger than we had previously supposed. The skating on […]

Wesleyan University has a long history of being progressive in matters of gender equity; its first experiment in co-education began in 1872.  But this experiment was not without controversy, as  illustrated in this Chicago Times piece reprinted by Middletown’s Republican newspaper, The Constitution on January 17, 1877: A Manly Triumph “What a piece of work […]