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Andy Curran recently sent to the faculty forum list a link to an article in Inside Higher Ed: Academic Libraries in Flux, by Steve Kolowich.  Wesleyan University Library participates in the NCES survey described in the article.  Here’s how our numbers compare to the trends Kolowich describes: 1. Library expenditures.  This includes all library expenditures, […]

In the past several days there have been a lot of messages about the library weeding project both on the faculty forum listserv and sent directly to me.  I’ve responded to people individually, but since these concerns are no doubt shared by many others I decided to address them in the WesWeeding blog as well. […]

In my last post, we left the scholarly enterprise in dire straits.  How has the open access movement developed to respond to the crisis? The Internet, and with it the conversion of scholarly content to electronic form, helped bring the scholarly publishing crisis to a head by increasing the demand for obscure journals and by […]

This week is Open Access Week.  It is not a topic to make anyone’s heart beat faster, but it is an important movement to make scholarly and creative work more accessible to students and researchers, regardless of their (or their institution’s) ability to pay.  What is it, exactly, and why should Wesleyan pay any attention?  […]

In 2010-11 the library faced many challenges and embraced many opportunities–in short, it was a typical year!  Here are some of the highlights: People In February 2011 Lori Stethers joined the library as Systems/Emerging Technologies Librarian.  Lori is an expert on library applications and how they might be securely linked to campus systems to make […]

Welcome to Wesleyan University!  Here are some links to useful pages about library resources and services. Q:  What libraries make up Wesleyan University Library? Wesleyan University Library is made up of three libraries.  Olin Library is the main campus library, located on at 252 Church Street between Clark Hall and the Public Affairs Center (commonly […]

Welcome to Wesleyan University!  I’m Pat Tully, University Librarian.  Here is some basic information about library resources and services.  If you have other questions you’d like to see answered on this blog or answered privately, please email me at ptully@wesleyan.edu, or call me at 860-685-3887. Q:  What libraries make up Wesleyan University Library? Olin Library […]

People have a very definite image of libraries and librarians.  The library is often seen as a ‘cathedral of books,’ and librarians as ‘Marian the Librarian.’  Those of us who work in libraries know these stereotypes have never reflected reality.  But they have proven surprisingly powerful, even in this electronic age.   What is the perception, […]

Back in October 2010, I posted an entry on a pilot project we were doing with our CTW Consortium partners, Connecticut College and Trinity College.  In January 2010 we contracted with Coutts Information Services to test a consortial version of their MyiLibrary ebook purchase-on-demand program.  Here’s how it works: CTW developed criteria for ebooks that […]

I’d never heard of yarn bombing until today, but in front of Olin Library there is a lovely example.  Sometime over the weekend, this bench got the business.  I’m a crocheter, not a knitter, but I know how much work this must have been.  It may not last long, so please drop by Olin if […]

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