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In the few short months I have been here as the Caleb T. Winchester University Librarian, I have been happy and energized by the use and appreciation we see of the Olin and Science Libraries and the people who work therein. I have also spent my initial time here trying to show that we are […]

Despite the continuing expansion of e-books as one of many choices within academic libraries, many libraries, Wesleyan among them, continue to remain concerned about making sure that scholarship of the past, in the form of books or printed journals, remain accessible to those who prefer the printed format or wish to delve into areas that […]

Working in organizations can often mean past practices and procedures are adopted by newcomers, perhaps modestly tweaked over time, but essentially retained as the status quo. When organizations become complacent, they can miss opportunities to try creative solutions in response to rapidly changing environments. One of the most effective ways to start thinking “outside the […]

Update, July 2014:  The new all-gender bathroom is complete, providing a convenient, single-stall restroom on the ground floor of Olin Library.  Thanks to Roseann Sillasen and Physical Plant for getting the installation done! Update, January 2014:  University administrators have approved the installation of a single-stall, gender neutral bathroom on the ground floor of Olin.  Because […]

Last month at the Charleston Conference I attended a presentation by Jim Dooley from the University of California at Merced.  UC-Merced formally opened in the fall of 2005 as ‘the first American research university of the 21st century.’  As Head of Collection Services, Dooley had an opportunity that few librarians get, to build a collection […]

Welcome to Wesleyan University!  Here are some links to useful pages about library resources and services. Q:  What libraries make up Wesleyan University Library? Wesleyan University Library is made up of three libraries.  Olin Library is the main campus library, on Church Street between Clark Hall and the Public Affairs Center (commonly known as the PAC).   It […]

CTW MOA – IAT!  (Librarians love acronyms. ) ‘CTW’ is short for the CTW Consortium, consisting of Connecticut College, Trinity College and Wesleyan University.  The consortium was established in 1987 so the three libraries could share the cost of an online library catalog—then a new-fangled replacement for the card catalog.  But we also began sharing […]

Actually, Wesleying has done a much better and faster job of covering this story, but I thought I’d give the official version. Last Tuesday, the Science Library and Olin each took delivery of an Energy Pod.  The Energy Pod is a high-tech chair created by MetroNaps, designed to facilitate power naps at work or school […]

Welcome to Wesleyan University!  I’m Pat Tully, University Librarian.  Here is some basic information about library resources and services.  If you have other questions you’d like to see answered on this blog or answered privately, please email me at ptully@wesleyan.edu, or call me at 860-685-3887.   Q:  What libraries make up Wesleyan University Library? Olin Library […]

Wesleyan University has a long history of being progressive in matters of gender equity; its first experiment in co-education began in 1872.  But this experiment was not without controversy, as  illustrated in this Chicago Times piece reprinted by Middletown’s Republican newspaper, The Constitution on January 17, 1877: A Manly Triumph “What a piece of work […]

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