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Last week a group of us attended the Charleston Conference, focusing on library acquisitions and collection management issues.  (Charleston, South Carolina is a beautiful city, with great food and better hospitality.) The conference provided an opportunity to hear how others—in libraries, scholarly publishing and information systems—are dealing with the continuing evolution of print to electronic […]

Actually, Wesleying has done a much better and faster job of covering this story, but I thought I’d give the official version. Last Tuesday, the Science Library and Olin each took delivery of an Energy Pod.  The Energy Pod is a high-tech chair created by MetroNaps, designed to facilitate power naps at work or school […]

It is hard to tell from this picture, but as of Saturday I have pink highlights in my hair.  Why? October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and CitiHair Design Salon on Court Street is joining many other salons nationwide to collect funds for breast cancer research by offering pink highlights to their clients in […]

Jack Mitchell ’61, is Chairman and CEO of Mitchells/Richards/Marshs and Wilkes Bashford, a three-generation family business that operates men’s and women’s specialty stores in Connecticut, New York and California.  He is also the successful author of two books that set forth his philosophy of management and customer service, Hug Your Customers, and Hug Your People. […]

Winter break, 1884

In case you were wondering what happens on campus over the holiday break (from the Wesleyan Argus, January 11, 1884, page 93): “The monotony of the Christmas vacation here at college was varied one morning by an impromptu snowball skirmish between some of the faculty. The Prof. of Chemistry [Wilbur Olin Atwater] opened the ball […]

Wordle is a fun tool for creating word art from texts.  Just as in tag clouds, the more often a word appears in a text the larger it is in the Wordle cloud.  Here’s the cloud for the library’s mission statement: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I’d never heard of yarn bombing until today, but in front of Olin Library there is a lovely example.  Sometime over the weekend, this bench got the business.  I’m a crocheter, not a knitter, but I know how much work this must have been.  It may not last long, so please drop by Olin if […]

To the person or persons putting up poems in Olin Library: Thank you!  It is great to run across these in the stacks and elsewhere.  This kind of spontaneous exhibition is what makes working at Wesleyan so rewarding and so much fun. Signed, The Management