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“Why,” you ask, “is the library talking about being out of shelf space when there are all those empty shelves in the first floor reference stacks in Olin?  What happened to all the reference books that used to be there?” Diane Klare, Head of Reference, explains: Libraries are admittedly a very different place than they […]

Why weed?

“Plant and your spouse plants with you; weed and you weed alone.”  ~Dennis Breeze Weeding.  It is not a fun subject, either for librarians or for faculty and students who use the library.  But from time to time it is a necessary thing, and this semester the library will begin to plan a weeding project.  […]

Are we doomed?

From time to time, Cassandras from within and outside the library have warned of its imminent demise.  The latest warning comes from Brian T. Sullivan, Instructional Librarian at Alfred University, in his January 2, 2011 article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Academic Library Autopsy Report, 2050. Here’s an alternative vision of the library’s future: […]

ITS and the Library

Last summer, Ganesan Ravishanker (who most of us know as Ravi), Associate Vice President of Information Technology Services, left Wesleyan to take a job at Pace University.  Before filling this vacancy, John Meerts, Vice President for Finance and Administration, proposed a campus-wide discussion of alternative models of ITS/Library collaboration. As part of this discussion, on […]

Recently Helen Aiello, Head of Acquisitions & Electronic Resources, and I attended two meetings sponsored by the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services, a division of the American Library Association.  There were about 75 participants; most of them librarians, but also vendor and professional organization representatives, university administrators and students. The first meeting was […]

The changing library, pt. 2

Libraries and librarians have an image problem.  The stereotypical library is old-fashioned, increasingly irrelevant and warehouses books that no one uses.  The stereotypical librarian clings to old ways of doing things, prefers print to electronic sources, and is generally resistant to change.  These stereotypes were never true, and are not true now.  So what is […]

In the past decade libraries have been transformed: – More and more resources are being converted from a print or other physical formats to an electronic format. – There has been an amazing increase in the variety and amount of content available or findable online. – Library collections have become more interdependent as the universe […]

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