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In late February we put posters up in the Art Library and Olin, asking how to furnish the new Art in Olin spaces.  Thanks to all of you for your comments! Here are the results.  The lower response rate in Art is due to the fact that the Olin poster went up a week early: […]

This spring and summer the libraries are undertaking major changes to consolidate collections and provide new collaborative study spaces.  Here’s what’s happening: Weeding project:  For the past two years the library has undertaken a project to withdraw 60,000 volumes from our collection of one million, in order to move the Art Library into Olin and […]

Last month at the Charleston Conference I attended a presentation by Jim Dooley from the University of California at Merced.  UC-Merced formally opened in the fall of 2005 as ‘the first American research university of the 21st century.’  As Head of Collection Services, Dooley had an opportunity that few librarians get, to build a collection […]

Summer is almost here!  Here’s what we will be doing in the library over the next three months: 1. Providing services:  Of course, the library provides services and access to the Wesleyan community throughout the summer, both on and off campus, and to participants in a variety of summer programs.  If you are on campus […]

In President Roth’s recent blog post on re-accreditation, he summarized the following challenge for the library and other information resources: “How do we maintain vibrant up-to-date access to the best information across a wide variety of fields? The Wesleyan Library is one of the jewels of the campus, and it remains a great study space […]

Andy Curran recently sent to the faculty forum list a link to an article in Inside Higher Ed: Academic Libraries in Flux, by Steve Kolowich.  Wesleyan University Library participates in the NCES survey described in the article.  Here’s how our numbers compare to the trends Kolowich describes: 1. Library expenditures.  This includes all library expenditures, […]

In the past several days there have been a lot of messages about the library weeding project both on the faculty forum listserv and sent directly to me.  I’ve responded to people individually, but since these concerns are no doubt shared by many others I decided to address them in the WesWeeding blog as well. […]

People have a very definite image of libraries and librarians.  The library is often seen as a ‘cathedral of books,’ and librarians as ‘Marian the Librarian.’  Those of us who work in libraries know these stereotypes have never reflected reality.  But they have proven surprisingly powerful, even in this electronic age.   What is the perception, […]

A small group of us are at the Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, to conduct a workshop this afternoon on implementing an electronic book purchase-on-demand program.  The CTW Consortium has had such a program in place for over a year now, with interesting results which I will write up for this blog once […]

The Google Book Project In December 2004, Google announced that it was working with Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan, the University of Oxford, and the New York Public Library to digitally scan their collections and make them searchable online.  In 2005 the project was named the Google Books Library Project, and over the next […]

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