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Andy Curran recently sent to the faculty forum list a link to an article in Inside Higher Ed: Academic Libraries in Flux, by Steve Kolowich.  Wesleyan University Library participates in the NCES survey described in the article.  Here’s how our numbers compare to the trends Kolowich describes: 1. Library expenditures.  This includes all library expenditures, […]

This week is Open Access Week.  It is not a topic to make anyone’s heart beat faster, but it is an important movement to make scholarly and creative work more accessible to students and researchers, regardless of their (or their institution’s) ability to pay.  What is it, exactly, and why should Wesleyan pay any attention?  […]

Governor Dannel P. Malloy has proposed a Plan B for the state budget, if union concessions do not yield the additional $1 billion in savings needed to balance the FY12 state budget without additional tax increases.  Among the cuts proposed in Plan B is the elimination of all funding for the Connecticut State Library. “Too […]

Why does it cost so much for the books, journals and other materials in the library’s collections? It is a long story: The basics The library’s acquisitions budget is used to purchase or provide access to books, journals, electronic resources, DVDs, CDs, and rare books and archival material—all the content that our students and faculty […]