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A little late, but here are links to two versions of the library’s annual report for last year: Prezi presentation (about 10 minutes long) Full report in pdf Next, our goals for the coming year …

What did the library do last year?  Sometimes it is hard to remember it all, especially when one project—the library weeding project—dominated much of our time and thought.   But there was so much more: Staff changes:  Assistant University Archivist Valerie Gillispie left Wesleyan in September 2011 to become University Archivist at Duke.  Val worked closely […]

In 2010-11 the library faced many challenges and embraced many opportunities–in short, it was a typical year!  Here are some of the highlights: People In February 2011 Lori Stethers joined the library as Systems/Emerging Technologies Librarian.  Lori is an expert on library applications and how they might be securely linked to campus systems to make […]